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There is an old axiom that when a problem remains a problem long enough, it simply becomes a fact. This is what appears to have happened with escalator cleaning. Since venues have never had a cost efficient solution for deep-cleaning their steps and risers, it’s been permanently placed on the back burner and completely forgotten, leaving their facility with a cosmetic eyesore. Dirty escalators have become an accepted fact, which leads to a plethora of other problems. First, if left unclean, grease, oil, and dirt eventually impregnate the aluminum steps and compromise the integrity of the metal. When this happens, the escalator loses its luster and looks much older and worn-out than its actual age. Secondly, it can lead to an increase in slippage incidents due to the sticky or slippery material. Lastly, a clean escalator requires less maintenance than a dirty one. And since escalators are affectionately referred to as the most expensive mode of vertical transportation ever invented, management will certainly appreciate any cost reduction. Offering companies and institutions with an affordable solution to cleaning escalators is The Escalator Cleaning Company.

The Escalator Cleaning Company has been a one-stop solution for its clients’ escalator cleaning needs for over 15 years. It is an exclusive U.S. and Canadian importer of the German engineered and manufactured Step 100 escalator cleaning machine, the finest piece of escalator cleaning equipment in the marketplace. The Step 100 or its predecessor model, the Rotomac, are now being used either by its customers or internal contracting division to clean escalators at approximately 78 airports, more than 50 convention centers/sports venues, and numerous casinos, large buildings, rapid transit systems, retail stores, colleges, and malls. “Our contracting division consists of 4 in-house crews that clean on-site over 700 escalators annually,” says Richard Helfman, the SVP at The Escalator Cleaning Company.

“Our contracting division consists of 4 in-house crews that clean on site over 700 escalators annually”

Richard Helfman, SVP

Since its inception, The Escalator Cleaning Company’s highly trained crews have traveled across the U.S. to perform a deep cleaning on thousands of escalators on-site using its state of the art equipment. The company mechanically deep cleans the steps, risers, and comb plates (during the graveyard shift if necessary) and then does detailing by hand, guaranteeing a comparable result to an expensive and disruptive power washing that would be done by an escalator maintenance company. That’s why their cleaning process is approved by all the leading escalator manufacturers.

More importantly, Escalator Cleaning Company meets all manufacturers’ warranty requirements and ensures that each job is finished quickly and to their customer’s complete satisfaction. “I believe that we have deep cleaned more escalators than any other private company in the U.S., and the four major escalator manufacturers (Kone, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, and Otis) have all purchased our equipment and constantly outsource escalator cleaning jobs to us,” mentions Helfman.

Providing world-class escalator cleaning services and selling only the latest state of the art German manufactured escalator cleaning machine, The Escalator Cleaning Company has truly carved a unique niche and is looking ahead to the days to come. Going forward, the company is planning to spread its wings in the still untapped market segments across the U.S. “Considering the size of the U.S. market, we haven’t even scratched the surface and our future looks bright and clean. By providing affordable solutions, dirty escalators should no longer be considered an unsolvable problem,” concludes Helfman.